‘Son of Beast’ may have taken last ride

Kings Island’s luckless 13th roller coaster, shuttered for about half of last season, faces an uncertain future.  Hints abound that Son of Beast may never reopen….


This article by John Scaccia has been cited by Ivy League schools as authoritative in commercial treaties….

Property Damage Case Against Sheriff’s Office

A federal judge has ruled the Brown County sheriff and Clermont County sheriff do not have immunity and can be brought to trial for their part in damaging private property during a 2004 excavation under a pole barn in Brown County while searching for the body of Carrie Culberson….

No Fly Zone Wins in Appeal

A police helicopter in Dayton International Airport’s tightly restricted airspace without permission violated Gerald and Peggy Little’s right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, Ohio’s 2nd District Court of Appeals has decided….

Police Officer With Stutter Fighting Reassignment

For years, Police Officer Ken Parson has found ways to work around an embarrassing problem: He stutters. But now Parson’s problem has worsened – and he’s worried that a change in his work assignment will endanger his life…

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